Carbon Freediving Noseclip
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Carbon Freediving Noseclip

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The Carbon Freediving Nose Clip by Octopus Freediving!

A colorful mix of ergonomic design and high-quality components. Made of a robust carbon polymer structure, two comfortable and replaceable elastomer nose-pads and a strong quality leash! Over 1500 units were sold within 2 months during the crowdfunding in 2019! Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT). Made in Switzerland, for a quality you can trust. 

What is the difference between the CARBON and the CLASSIC freediving noseclips

The CLASSIC version is bigger with round pads, whereas the CARBON version is smaller with elliptic pads. In this model, we used carbon so as to stiffen the structure, given that some areas were thin and needed an extra layer of reinforcement. Except for this change in material there is no real difference in quality between these 2 versions. So basically we cannot say that the CARBON model is better, it just depends on the shape of your nose. 

We could maybe say that the CLASSIC version is a bit more comfortable as the pads are slightly thicker (and bigger), and that the CARBON version is more hydrodynamic, thanks to its smaller size. On average the CLASSIC model will fit "medium-small" to "extra-large" noses, while the CARBON model will fit "extra-small" to "medium-large" noses.

Would you like to get a different color, please please get in touch with Freediveshop!