Freediving Pulley Red
Freediving Pulley Classic
Freediving Pulley Classic
Freediving Pulley Classic

Freediving Pulley Classic

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The pulling system (a.k.a. the pulley) by Octopus Freediving!

This ingenious product has made the life of many a freediver considerably easier! If you want to quickly adjust the length of the rope under your buoy, this is the freedive product for you!

This pulley is easy to use, sturdy, efficient, compact and affordable.

The ergonomic shape is also very pleasant to use and there are no sharp edges to hurt your hands or head. This is the smaller pulley from Octopus Freediving, especially suitable for ropes with diameters between 8 and 12mm.

Last but not least: this pulley ensures that you can hoist the rope a lot more conveniently, efficiently and safely in an emergency situation. 

Octopus Freediving products are designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131 meters VWT) and are also made in Switzerland for a quality you can rely on.

High quality parts of the pulley:

  • a strong structure (polyamide loaded with 20% glass fiber);
  • a thick 8mm anodized aluminum arm (ALU6061);
  • two low friction polyamide rollers for lines from 8 to 12mm;
  • special stainless steel propellers for marine applications.

Do you want the Pulley in another color, please get in touch with Freediveshop!

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