Freediving Pulley XL
Freediving Pulley XL
Freediving Pulley XL
Freediving Pulley XL
Freediving Pulley XL

Freediving Pulley XL

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The XL freediving pulling systeem (a.k.a. the XL Pulley) by Octopus Freediving!

After the huge success Octopus Freediving had with the first classic pulley system released in 2018, they decided to introduce its big brother!

There was an obvious demand coming from freedivers working with thicker (10mm+) and stiffer ropes. This is why Octopus Freediving came up with this new XL model, using double-diameter pulleys. This significantly decreases the friction due to the angle of the rope against the pulley. As for everything else, it works in exactly the same way as the CLASSIC model.

As always, it remains easy to usestrong (max. load 250kg), efficientergonomic, and still compact even if a bit chunkier than the classic model, while maintaining high-quality components!

It makes it easy to drop the line even with just one hand (or even with only two fingers!), and has no sharp edges, giving it a perfectly ergonomic shape.

This pulley is suitable for ropes between 8 and 13mm in diameter.


Last but not least: this pulley will enable you to pull the line up way more efficiently in case of an emergency. Even more so than with the classic. 

Octopus Freediving products are designed and tested by Swiss record holder Pascal Berger (-131 meters VWT) and are also made in Switzerland for a quality you can rely on.

Top-quality components of the pulley:

  • a strong structure (polyamide charged with 20% fiberglass);
  • a thick 8mm anodized aluminum arm (ALU6061);
  • two low frictions polyamide pulleys for ropes 8 to 13mm;
  • marine stainless steel screws.

Would you like the Pulley in a different color, please get in touch with Freediveshop!

Difference between the classic and XL Pulley:

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